01/29/19 A Delicious and Bountiful Vegan Dinner

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Animal Friends and VEGAN THUGZ are treating interested applicants to a free dinner

Vegan dinner for non-vegans [ 677.00 Kb ]

- Wednesday, February 6, 6 pm, Jurišićeva 25: top vegan specialties at Animal Friends'

Animal Friends, together with VEGAN THUGZ civil initiative, who launched the "Why Are We Vegan?" campaign last year, will treat anyone interested, who hasn't yet experienced veganism, to a delicious and bountiful vegan dinner! Tasting delicious dishes - from appetizers to desserts, guests will have an opportunity to see why more and more people all over the world are deciding to leave meat, milk, eggs and other animal products out of their diet.

Organizers invite everyone to fill in the online application form, explaining: "We want to hear your opinion about veganism and animal rights activism, and along the way treat you to, and surprise you with, unforgettable vegan delicacies you'll think about for days. On Wednesday, 6 February 2019 at 6 pm, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, we will chat with you and other participants about what you, as people who haven't yet had a "close encounter" with the plant-based diet, think of veganism. Don't worry, we appreciate honesty above everything else! Hurry up and apply, because the number of seats is limited to 10! :)"

Dinner will be served at Animal Friends' place, which will be rearranged appropriately for the occasion. The only requirement for taking part is that participants are not already vegan or vegetarian.

Even some of the world’s most famous chefs, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, have seen how popular this dietary trend is becoming and have adapted their former culinary habits accordingly. Both recently showed off their vegan delicacies on social media, including "veganized" holiday meals and meal suggestions for people who decided to try a vegan diet for "Veganuary" – the January vegan challenge. Oliver already introduced vegetarian and vegan menus to his Italian restaurants last May, but recently also cooked for the world's first vegan football team and has added vegan options to his January program, "Jan Plan". Ramsay has also launched plant-based options at his London restaurant.

For the last two years, VEGAN THUGZ have been designing and conducting events that, in a positive and encouraging manner, motivate people to live a compassionate lifestyle. They see this dinner as a perfect opportunity to bring the ideas of plant-based nutrition and the vegan lifestyle closer to those who have not yet encountered them, as well as answering their questions and hearing their opinion on veganism. All guests will also receive a surprise gift and a free cookbook, so they can continue experimenting with veganism at home.

Animal Friends and VEGAN THUGZ invite everyone interested to fill out the dinner application.

Vegan dinner for non-vegans [ 98.28 Kb ]



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