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For the 8th year in a row, Animal Friends Croatia are organizing a tempting and educational VeggieFair

The 8the VeggieFair [ 605.21 Kb ]

- On the 28th of May, the western part of Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb will be filled with vegan delicacies

VeggieFair is a popular ecological and educational event which offers various vegan products, such as sausages, cevaps, plant spreads, hemp fritters, burgers, plant milk etc to all interested. The aim of VeggieFair is to introduce citizens with the offer and benefits of healthy, non-meat dishes and vegan products from local producers and suppliers. It will be held on Tuesday, 28th of May 2019 from 8 AM to 8 PM, on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb.

„This year, we want to give special attention to the fact that our everyday food choices, except on our health and fate of the animals, directly affect the environment, in other words, the sustainability of the planet we are living on”, said Emanuela Poturica, coordinator of VeggieFair organized by Animal Friends Croatia.

51% of global greenhouse gas emission is caused by raising cattle and their byproducts, for which not only are massive amounts of forests cut daily so that the animals could be raised but soil, water, and air are also contaminated. Plant-based nutrition, except that it lowers our carbon footprint by 50%, also saves billions of animal lives every year, which suffer from the human habit of eating meat, milk and milk products and eggs.

Vegan nutrition positively and refreshingly affects our health too, saving us from diseases. Therefore, Animal Friends Croatia invite everyone to spend cozy, warm, fun and educational moments with around 20 exhibitors and spend some time resting and eating on the benches, tables and under the parasols, which are a novelty on this year's VeggieFair.

Some of the exhibitors are also bearers of the V-label, a unique mark of quality which The European Vegetarian Union (EVU) bestows upon products containing no animal origin. The V-label is useful and interesting to all buyers and it is becoming more and more popular in Croatia.

On the occasion of VeggieFair, Animal Friends Croatia are inviting everyone to a Veggie challenge. A great number of citizens has already responded to the Veggie challenge via the webpage www.veganopolis.net so that through one month they receive e-mails with interesting vegan recipes and information to help them increase the number of vegan meals or switch completely to that type of nutrition.

Animal Friends Croatia invite all citizens to visit VeggieFair, discover new tasty and healthy plant products and enjoy the tasting. More information and a list of exhibitors can be found on www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr and on the Facebook event VeggieFair 2019.



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