10/31/20 Green, blue, white - vegan colors

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World Vegan Day is actively celebrated in Croatia

- October 31 at 5 pm Igor Barberić will show his culinary skills and share his experience of veganism

In the last week, green, blue, and white have been predominant colors in Zagreb. These are the colors of the vegan flag, which promotes the idea of ​​the connection between the destiny of people and animals on Earth, and 22 such flags are hung in the most popular places in Zagreb, to mark World Vegan Day on November 1st. In addition to the flags, the fountains in front of the National University Library and the Mestrovic Pavilion shine in these colors.

"We are extremely glad that the vegan features have decorated the streets and squares of Zagreb. We want the message of compassion to reach as many people as possible and we are convinced that vegan flags will encourage many to try veganism and positive change for health and the environment, as well as change the perception of our attitude towards animals. It is absurd that we love some animals, admire others, hunt others, and breed others just to turn them into products we can do without, ”said Animal Friends Croatia.

They also say that sometimes the easiest way to show that veganism in no way means giving up delicious food is through cooking workshops. Therefore, in addition to attractive flags, lighting decoration, an educational stand, and billboards on Ban Jelacic Square, they have prepared something in which everyone can participate from the comfort of their own home.

"We invite everyone to join the live educational and culinary lecture on Saturday at 5 pm via our Facebook page, which will be led by our famous choreographer and director Igor Barberic. Igor is a vegan for many years, he has delighted everyone with his culinary skills on many occasions, and this time, during preparing one of his favorite recipes for World Vegan Day, he will talk about veganism and how it has changed his life. We advise everyone not to miss Igor's workshop because it is a great opportunity to learn many interesting and useful tips - both culinary and other, "said AFC.

They add that we all want a better world, but we often wait for someone else to clear the way so that we can just follow it: "May November 1st be a day for everyone to take the first step towards a more beautiful world for all its beings."

Therefore, the Association appeals: "Let's get rid of the myths about veganism today. A nutritionally balanced plant-based diet will make you feel great, live healthily, and with full lungs. For all questions and help on how to become vegan, we invite everyone to try the free and informative Veggie Challenge via www.veganopolis.net and apply for the support of Vegan Buddy, longtime vegans who are always happy to help with advice. ”

You can check out the photo gallery HERE.

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