12/21/20 Help the animals in the shelters by adopting them

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Animal Friends Croatia is calling for thoughtful adoption instead of holiday animal purchases.

- Animal Friends Croatia: If everyone chose adoption instead of buying, all the shelters would be empty.

Animal Friends Croatia has been warning for years that many shelters in Croatia do not have transparency and traceability, nor are they open to citizens and volunteers, which needs to be changed urgently. Animals in the shelters are not well and that is why they are calling on everybody to choose prudent adoption instead of spending money on purchasing animals because that is the only way all the shelters in Croatia can become empty.

Animal Friends Croatia are warning that the reason for the existence of shelters are irresponsible citizens who do not castrate and those who abandon the animals they should take care of. Shelters must have the highest standards when it comes to treating animals because they already suffer from human irresponsibility: “But people need to understand that cats and dogs are not good even in the shelters that work well, and the number of such in Croatia is very low and that those should only be their short-term temporary homes. Therefore, we urge everyone not to buy animals but to adopt a dog or cat and thus help empty the shelters.”

Animal Friends Croatia also states that it is important to change the awareness that animals are not things and that they shouldn’t be the subject of trade nor a gift. This is especially true in this pre-holiday time when many are thinking about buying an animal. “If you have the conditions to take care of an animal, adopt a dog or cat from the shelter or from animal welfare associations in order to save the life of both the adopted animal and the one who gets its place in the shelter. All the members of the family should make a well-considered decision and be ready to take care of the adopted animal for many years to come, both when they go on vacation and when they need to pay for castration, vaccination, and the medical treatments.”, they point out at the Animal Friends Croatia appealing to accountability.

They say that an adoption is really a noble act, while buying animals supports the relentless pet market: “Unfortunately, animal husbandry is flourishing in Croatia, with no control over housing conditions, trade is not regulated, and breeders don’t even pay taxes. On the other hand, shelters are flooded with a large number of dogs of all ages, sizes, colors, and personalities, all of which are under veterinary care and ready for adoption. If everyone chose adoption instead of buying, all the shelters would be empty. “

“Let the recent announcements about the situation in the shelters, as well as this holiday time, encourage us to visit one of the many shelters or their web sites in order to meet the living being in which we will see a new family member, whose love cannot be measured by the value of money. Because love cannot be bought”, Animal Friends Croatia concludes.

abandoned puppies - Farmica association, Nasice [ 95.40 Kb ]Puppies in a shelter - source: www.ziher.hr [ 57.99 Kb ]abandoned puppies - sanctuary Cakovec [ 67.83 Kb ]



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