05/28/21 Farmers, create the most innovative vegan product!

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Animal Friends Croatia encourages domestic producers to make plant-based food products

- The support of the Ministry of Agriculture for the Animal Friends Croatia project for increasing sustainable agriculture

"Let’s produce sustainably, let’s eat green" is the name of the new project of the Animal Friends Croatia association, which aims to encourage domestic producers to produce and market new vegan products. The aim of the project is to achieve and strengthening the cooperation of the Croatian agricultural sector to focus on the production of plant-based products and the promotion and increase of visibility of plant-based products and sustainable eating habits. Recognizing the importance of vegan products for sustainable development, as well as the development of domestic agriculture and plant farmers, the Ministry of Agriculture gave their support to this project.

"Domestic producers who want to participate in the project are expected to produce a vegan product according to their own wishes and/or in accordance with the needs of the market, based on the production they are engaged in. The product should be a plant-based version of a product that is usually made with ingredients of animal origin, and which everyone will be excited to eat, regardless of their eating habits. This means that the product or dish should be designed and produced without food of animal origin, i.e. without meat, eggs, milk, other dairy products, and honey", explain Animal Friends Croatia and invite those interested to get involved.

The newly designed plant-based products and their producers will be promoted on all social media channels of the Animal Friends Croatia association, with the aim of connecting with consumers, i.e. customers, companies, shops, restaurants, pastry shops, cafes, bakeries, and the like. Applications will commence with Veggiefair, which will take place on June 15th, 2021. on the main square in Zagreb, and the most innovative products will be awarded by Animal Friends Croatia at this year's 13th ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living on the 3rd & 4th of September.

The project "Let’s produce sustainably, let’s eat green" is in accordance with the priorities of the European strategy for smart and sustainable growth and the promotion of a resource-efficient and greener economy. "The necessity of producing and consuming vegan products is crucial for the survival of mankind because a plant-based diet, in addition to saving billions of animals and is healthier, is incomparably less polluting to the environment and depletes natural resources more sparingly. Global greenhouse gas emissions are directly related to livestock farming and its by-products, in as much as 51%. Livestock farming is also responsible for 65% of nitrogen oxide emissions, which are 296 times more destructive than CO2, ” Animal Friends Croatia warn.

They invite all interested domestic producers to contact them in order to get all the necessary information, instructions, advice, and help for the most successful production of vegan products. At the same time, they invite all citizens to visit them on June 15th at the all-day 10th VegeSajam fair, where they will be able to give their own idea for new vegan products on the market, along with many tastings, promotional sales, and various interesting activities.

Invitation for the most innovative vegan product [ 760.16 Kb ]Invitation for the most innovative vegan product [ 400.55 Kb ]

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