08/02/21 Zdenka Kova鋱鋀k: Adopt black, older and disabled ones

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Animal Friends Croatia are calling for the adoption of difficult to adopt dogs and cats

- Shelters are also looking for temporary foster parents for dogs in wheelchairs: They look forward to running, playing and cuddling

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Animal shelters are often constantly full, and during the summer months they simply crack at the seams because of irresponsible caretakers who leave animals before the holidays. That is why Animal Friends Croatia has been campaigning for 19 years in a row with the campaign "Family to the sea, dog to the street?!" indicating the need for responsible care of dogs and cats. Legendary singer Zdenka Kova鋱鋀k, the face of this year's campaign, wants to draw additional attention to the so-called difficult to adopt dogs - those of older age, the handicapped, black and traumatized.

Apart from Vili, upavi and Danelly, who posed with her on posters, Zdenka also became close with the beautiful Nora, whose only "flaw" is that she is black. "It really sounds unbelievable and absurd, but sometimes among the hard to adopt dogs and cats are the black ones. Black animals therefore wait longer for adoption, often years. Keep this in mind when you visit the shelter in search of a new family member,” appeal the Animal Friends Croatia association. Also, on the set for the campaign was nine-year-old Astor, a dog in a wheelchair because, due to human irresponsibility, he experienced and barely survived a car crash that injured his spine. Zdenka Kova鋱鋀k also calls upon his adoption, who spent his life mostly on a chain, by someone with a big heart from the association Noah's Ark, which took care of him.

akovec Asylum Friends also take care of handicapped dogs with spinal injuries who can only move with a wheelchair. Aleksandra Hampamer, the shelter manager, emphasizes: “Dogs with disabilities, although they are mobile only in wheelchairs adapted to dogs, live well and enjoy life. Dogs adapt easily to the situation and do not suffer as humans because of their handicap. They hang out with other dogs, looking forward to playing and cuddling. In the wheelchair, they behave absolutely normally like other dogs, jumping, spinning in a circle, happy.”

The Osijek shelter, run by the Victory Association, which takes care of six handicapped dogs, states: “We thank all temporary adopters of our handicapped dogs because we know how much effort and attention they need. We are happy that our dogs spend at least some shorter or longer periods with a human in their own home, at least temporarily.”

In addition to black and handicapped dogs, other dogs that have experienced severe trauma are more difficult to adopt. In the Osijek shelter, there is a beautiful dog Azriel, who has a hairless large area of the body because a monster poured boiling water on him. "We healed his wounds in the asylum, but his hair will never grow back," explains the Victory Association. They add that when asked if Azriel's missing hair condition is transferable, they answer: "No, dear people, the only thing that is transferable from Azriel to people is optimism and a desire to socialize." They are not left without optimism that Azriel will find a home and they are grateful to Zdenka Kova鋱熰k for calling for the adoption of difficult to adopt dogs.

Animal Welfare Network associations appeal to anyone who has the opportunity to consider providing at least a temporary home for dogs with disabilities, despite the fact that they require more care. Often, associations also help cover the costs of therapy and veterinary care for animals.

But in order for such dogs to have a life in a human family, they need help and call for adoption instead of buying.

"Animals that seem more difficult to adopt at first glance, bring great joy to their foster parents. There are certainly many people for whom, for example, an older dog would be much more suitable because it does not require long walks and much activity. Older dogs are calm and enjoy resting in their corner most of the time. They just need peace, quiet and love which they will return many times over", say Animal Friends Croatia.

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