02/28/22 Help for Ukrainians and their animals

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Animal Friends Croatia has composed an application form for anyone who can house all those affected by the war in Ukraine

A large number of inquiries have been received from citizens who have offered their homes to unfortunate people who refused to leave behind their beloved pets caught up in the hardships of war. People flee with their pets in their arms because cities and housing are being shelled on a daily basis. They have taken refuge in shelters, parking lots, and subways. Currently, veterinary clinics and pharmacies are closed.

A large number of wild animals, as well as stray and sheltered dogs and cats, are on the brink of survival, owing not only to the war, but also to a lack of treatment, food, and care funds. Nobody expected the situation to worsen so quickly, so there are no long-term stockpiles of animal food or medical supplies, putting a halt to comprehensive assistance to animals in shelters.

Many animals died in the shelling at the Gostomel shelter near Kyiv, some as a result of heart attacks, while others were hit by bullets. Due to a lack of drinking water in the shelter, volunteers resorted to desperate measures such as collecting rainwater to last for a few days.

Many people will require the assistance of Croatia and other European countries once they have escaped the dangerous war zone. Animal welfare organizations have gathered in large numbers to collect donations. New measures that allow people from the war-torn region to enter Croatia without the need for animal passports have been put in place.

Animal Friends Croatia emphasizes the importance of assisting not only the unfortunate civilians but also their pets, who can help them overcome the traumas of war.

The application form can be found HERE.

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