06/29/22 Urgent Rescue of All Dogs from 家rkovica!

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Adoptions started, but still many dogs awaiting rescue, the end of the 15-day deadline is very close

- Let us stop their suffering at 40 plus: The dogs are now being treated and prepared for adoption

After the volunteers of the unregistered shelter in 家rkovica reported the terrible conditions of the dogs they help, Veterinary inspection arrived for inspection and submitted a decision that all 200 dogs must be relocated within 15 days, which is expiring this week. Animals Protection Associations and citizens are saddened by the information they receive daily about the conditions of the dogs from 家rkovica, where there are no conditions for dog care.

The volunteers from the Association Pobjede (Victories) from Osijek went to Dubrovnik and, with the logistic help from akovec shelter and Animal Friends Croatia, photographed and recorded all the dogs in 家rkovica within 10 days, which included each dog’s status in relation to microchipping and castration, assessing the requirements of the veterinary intervention and cleaning from internal and external parasites. Photos and information about all dogs are available at www.adopt-zarkovica.eu in Croatian, English, and German languages.

„According to the records, of all dogs counted, close to 50% of them were not castrated, and almost 40% require treatment. Only 40% of dogs are tagged with microchips. The city of Dubrovnik did not fulfill its legal obligations for decades, and on the other hand, the dogs in 家rkovica were inadequately cared for and were not provided the necessary veterinary care. They bred uncontrollably, as evidenced by new puppy litters born in 家rkovica. Volunteers claim that healthy dogs contracted leishmaniasis and were dying, even though the disease is successfully treated and infection is easily prevented. Three dogs with serious health conditions died and could not be rescued”, Animal Friends Croatia state and repeats that the situation is alarming and that all dogs require urgent adoption.

Field volunteers report that the oldest dogs in 家rkovica were almost never advertised for adoption over 10 years, and there were no proper castration, treatment and mortality records. They say: „If new dogs had stopped being accepted, the problem would have been noticed much sooner, this way it was hidden under the carpet for years.” Dogs are currently suffering in temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius drinking hot water from cisterns. These tortured but at the same time, wonderful creatures require a home as soon as possible.

Dogs are now under veterinary care and are being prepared for adoption. Volunteers invite everyone to visit www.adopt-zarkovica.eu, share their touching stories and invite everyone who can to apply for adoption or for providing temporary accommodation. The city of Dubrovnik has taken responsibility and care for all dogs until they are adopted and will help with the treatment after fostering them.

The experience of helping the dogs, Ivana Crnoja from Association Pobjede (Victories) described as extremely exhausting: „We spent 10 days in 家rkovica, in the Dubrovnik shelter, 10 most tiresome days of my life. Neither the takeover of our shelter 12 years ago nor the 700 dogs rescued from Gunja, nothing wearied me this much. Before I at least had the control, here I do not have it. And for the purpose of understanding me completely – it is not the dogs that tire me, they were the reason I came, no! I am exhausted because of people, as usual. People with whom it was extremely difficult to find a common ground, even for the things like the sole purpose of organizing the help and from whom, frankly, I expected more."

„At this moment there are about twenty dogs up there that we cannot catch, several of them are seriously ill, and starting tomorrow we start looking for help in catching them because we will meet their death if they are not helped urgently. Help is required with volunteering, and the biggest help is with adopting. We thank the associations, shelters and citizens who provided help and invite everyone to come forward and help save these dogs”, Aleksandra Hampamer from Shelter Friends from akovec says.

She adds and appeals: „We do not sleep nights because of everything that has happened to us and what we have seen and witnessed ourselves, but we are trying to still keep our focus on what is the only thing that matters to us – to save all the dogs from 家rkovica as soon as possible.”

The associations conclude: „If we all stand on the side of dogs, then we can perform a miracle!”

All are invited to visit the web page www.adopt-zarkovica.eu, as well as Facebook page, Adopt Zarkovica Dogs and Instagram AdoptZarkovica.

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