11/17/22 Blood is Not Fashion!

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Collecting signatures for Fur Free Europe with billboards of illustrated fur coats dripping with blood

- European campaign for a ban on fur farming actively supported in Croatia

In cooperation with the Kontra agency, Animal Friends Croatia has placed a number of billboards around the country, picturing illustrated fur coats dripping with blood. The “Blood is Not Fashion“ motto adds further emphasis to the very impressive visual display. The action is an integral part of the public campaign to collect signatures for the European Citizens' Initiative for Fur Free Europe at www.krvnijemoda.eu. The initiative was launched by the international Fur Free Alliance coalition in cooperation with European animal protection groups, including Animal Friends Croatia and Eurogroup for Animals.

After a ten-year transition period, on January 1, 2017, the fur farming ban came into force in Croatia, a trend that has been seen across a number of countries. As the fur farming ban in 2006 was supported by over 80% of the Croatian population, one can assume that an even greater number of people currently condemn killing animals for fur and support the EU-wide ban.

“Although a heavily chemically treated animal fur coat will not have any blood on it, a lot of blood will have been spilled to make it. Sometimes, to make a single fur coat, up to 200 sentient and sensory beings who wanted to live may have to be killed,“ state Animal Friends Croatia. They explain that fur farmed animals spend their entire life captured in tight wire cages, covered in dirt, bits of fur, and other animals' excrements, with wires cutting into their paws, constantly subjected to extreme weather conditions, stress and cannibalism. Before they are skinned, animals' necks are broken, poison is injected in their hearts, they are poisoned by gas or killed by electric shocks. Sometimes, the animals are merely drugged and skinned alive.

Furthermore, Animal Friends Croatia emphasizes that fur farming uses enormous amounts of precious natural resources and water. In order to be preserved, the fur must be treated with poisonous chemicals, which often leads to illness among fur farm workers. Disposing of the skinned animals' carcasses has a negative impact on nature. The fur industry is not only treating animals inhumanely for the sake of a product that no one needs, but it has also proven to be fertile ground for the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.

“There is also warm and attractive clothing and footwear made of environmentally-friendly and animal-free materials, that looks very good and keep not just our bodies but also our hearts warm. The latest fashion is humanity and compassion, not blood-spilling for the sake of fashion!“ conclude Animal Friends Croatia. They add that this is the main reason behind an increasing number of reputable Croatian and global fashion designers and lines removing fur from their collections.

More information on the harmful fur industry and the Fur Free Europe initiative can be found here.

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