12/13/22 Animal Friends Croatia Founded a Social Enterprise

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Production is domestic, articles are Fair Wear, and many more surprises await you

- All funds raised will be for the animal rights campaigns

Animal Friends Croatia, with great pride and joy, announces the opening of its own web shop at www.shop.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr, a first project of the company Za Prijatelje životinja d.o.o. (For Friends of Animals Ltd), social enterprise founded by Animal Friends Croatia with a goal to support non-profit Association’s work. All funds raised are for the campaigns, actions and work of the association for the protection and the rights of animals, such as ban of holding animals on a chain, closing of zoos, promotion of vegan life and compassion in general, encouraging adoption of animals and enforcement of the law, amendment of the Act of Animal Protection and other projects.

„We prepared various T-shirts, bags and hoodies for you – to some already familiar articles from the Veggie Fair and the ZeGeVege festival, and we are preparing many more surprises. Our intentions for a better world are mirrored in the way we do business in our social enterprise. Therefore, we will try to offer products made with local companies and those that hold sustainability certificates”, Animal Friends Croatia announce.

Articles are made for those who wish to support the work on protection and the rights of animals and, at the same time, let the world know they are against any type of violence towards animals, meaning they are for vegan life, love towards all animals and for the right of a dignified life of all animals. From cute pictures and messages (Be kind to every kind, Love comes in all shapes) to severe and direct claims (Respect all creatures, Stop exploitation of animal nation), in all colors and sizes, all will be able to find something for themselves and for their loved ones.

„We admit it was not easy to go through the well-known complicated Croatian bureaucratic processes for registering and running a company and a web shop. That is why the planned start was later. Still, as we always did everything in a transparent manner, this also had to be the same”, Animal Friends Croatia states smiling and adding: „We hope it was worth it and that our association sympathizers and all animal lovers will like it.”

Much more news awaits you from the Animal Friends Croatia social enterprise so follow them on Instagram and Facebook so you are up-to-date.

webshop Animal friends croatia [ 121.00 Kb ]

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