12/20/22 Compassion as the most beautiful holiday gift

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Animals should not be a gift; conscious buying while choosing holiday meals

- Dogs are not for under the Christmas tree; Animal Friends Croatia invites all not to buy, wear or eat animals.

We are slowly entering the most beautiful and beloved time of the year for many people – peace, well-being, companionship, giving, and togetherness. Cookies are baked, families are coming together, Christmas trees are decorated, gifts are bought, and Christmas dinner is being planned. Animal Friends Croatia reminds us that the best gift we can give ourselves and others is the one we cannot put a price on, which is compassion.

They say compassion during holidays can be shown in many ways, beginning with the choices for the holiday table: “For these holidays, we invite all to truly spend them in peace and well-being, without animals being killed. Instead of roast meat, reach for seitan or plant-based meat, instead of fish stew, try the one with mushrooms, and your cookies can easily be made without milk and eggs. Besides enjoying delicious flavors guilt-free, you will gift someone life with this gesture.”

They also instruct everyone that animals are not gifts for under the Christmas tree as they require long-term responsible care, and daily care and commitment. Therefore, coexistence with them must result from a well-thought decision of the whole family, not a forced and unwanted gift.

“If you wish to do something noble these holidays, rather than buying animals as presents, help the abandoned dogs and cats to welcome the new year cared for in a warm home. If you cannot adopt, you can always help the abandoned paws with a donation, bringing food and blankets or volunteering”, Animal Friends Croatia states.

They indicate also, that the warmest clothing during the winter days is one for which nobody has been hurt. So while buying clothing, it is good to check declarations and ensure the clothes and footwear are free of fur, leather, feather, wool and silk. There are a lot of modern, quality, attractive and affordable clothing and footwear that are not woven with suffering, and can be a compassionate gift.

“The holidays can be spent in respect for all beings. If we call upon love and peace, let us be consequential and not cause pain to others. Let this last few days of the year pass without violence for all of us. Let’s let animals live, help those in need, and remember that celebration is as cheerful even without the pyrotechnic means!” Animal Friends concludes.

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