12/29/22 We don't want dead animals, war and polluted environment!

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The nightmare for children, the elderly, wild animals, dogs and cats, and their caretakers has officially started

-Animal Friends asks citizens to report all forbidden use of pyrotechnic means

From December 27th to January1st, pyrotechnics are allowed, except for firecrackers and category F2 and F3 bandoleers, the purchase and use of is forbidden! Animal Friends also asks citizens not to use the permitted pyrotechnics, such as rockets and fireworks, because they are also harmful, disturb people and animals, pollute the air and produce debris on the streets.

They also consider allowing the use of other pyrotechnics absurd from December 27th till 30th as it is not a period of celebrating something. Their suggestion is to allow the selling of category F2 and F3 pyrotechnics only from December 27th till 31st, and their use only from December 31st till January 1st, and not on the 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th of December.

They look back on the case of the unfortunate cat from Split whose part of the face was blown off by unknown perpetrators with a firecracker, so it had to be euthanized: „We are hurt by the huge level of non-understanding, lack of empathy and will to protect the weaker. We cannot understand the amount of badness and cruelty in people. It is not enough that they disturb children, elderly and sick people, and wild and domestic animals. Apparently, they got tired of lighting a firecracker and waiting for it to go off, so they included a cat who could not defend herself in the already disturbing process. It is also possible that she approached them with trust, not knowing that looking for food would cost her a blown face and lost life...”

They add people who use pyrotechnics can't see the bigger picture and show care for others because their short-term fun is more important: „As long as the use of pyrotechnics is allowed, there will be dead animals, blown fingers as in the case of a 9-year old boy from Zagreb, lost eyes and amputated hands. Fortunately, we are heading toward a point where a critical mass will gather, and the pyrotechnics will become a thing of the past and primitivism. So once again, we invite all to refrain from using any kings of pyrotechnic means and, by calling 112 or the number f the local police stations, report all who remain to use forbidden firecrackers and bandoleers. With such reporting, they can save a kid from a horrific injury and an animal from death.”

Firecracker victims are dogs, cats, birds and other animals with far more sensitive hearing and sight than people. Frightened by the unbearably loud noises of pyrotechnic explosions, at the holidays, many dogs and cats run in fear far away from their homes ending their lives under the wheels of cars frequently. While some animals run away, others cannot function normally due to fear, take a walk, or eat. The only way out for their caretakers is through tranquilizers so the worst – heart failure and death wouldn’t happen.

From Animal Friends Croatia, commendations go to Labin, Rovinj, Čazma, Opatija, Samobor, Rijeka, Pula, Cres, Zabok, Sukošan, Lovran, Gornja Stubica, Novigrad, Duga Resa, Oroslavnje, Varaždin, Osijek, Poreč and all other cities who have responded to their appeal to omit fireworks for New Year’s celebrations, as well as to the stores that in consideration toward people, animals and the environment won’t sell any pyrotechnics. They believe others will also follow these excellent examples.

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