11/20/23 V-Label as Vegan Product Guarantee

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Irresistible Bajadera carries the V-Label

- The most popular vegan trademark now also on Croatian products

V-Label is a licence that guarantees reliable ingredients and attracts consumers who, regardless of their choice of diet, often opt for certified vegan products. In the EU, V-Label is currently the best known trademark for plant-based products, with over 50,000 licensees across the globe.

With an increasing number of consumers seeking and opting for vegan products that can help stop climate change, as well as protect the environment, animals, and their own health, V-Label is an instant reliable indicator of such a product. According to Euromonitor International, a global independent market research company, plant-based product market has doubled in size in Western Europe over the past decade, thus making 38.5% of the total global income. V-Label also increases product popularity among all consumers. Another indicator of the label’s growing popularity among Croatian manufacturers is the fact that several large Croatian companies, such as Franck, Anamaria Company, and Kraš have already secured the V-label certificate. Thus, many favorites such as cappuccinos, coffees, and sweets are guaranteed vegan products thanks to the certificates. The above-mentioned companies joined other Croatian manufacturers that had been licensed to carry the V-Label for years. These are predominantly large companies such as Podravka, Vindija, and Zvijezda, but also many smaller manufacturers who recognized the value of certifying their products with the trademark.

The renowned Bajadera has maintained the same recipe for almost 70 years, with its irresistible texture and creamy taste based on exclusively plant-based ingredients since the beginning. The added V-Label has been noted by consumers whose appreciation of the praline has increased further. The V-Label trademark is certain to attract new consumers who too will have the pleasure of enjoying its rich taste.

The main benefit of a product carrying the V-Label is prominence and visibility in the market. With the eye-catching green and yellow symbol around for over 20 years worldwide, tourists have started noticing Croatian V-labelled products, which facilitates their marketing abroad. Several multinationals such as dm, SPAR, Lidl, Rauch, Kaufland, Starbucks, and others, have been licensing their products with the V-Label, offering transparency and a safety of choice for their consumers. Domestic manufacturers increasingly recognize the benefits of product licensing, but most benefits are reaped by consumers who are additionally reassured by the V-Label regardless of their dietary choices.

Animal Friends Croatia closely follows positive trends abroad as the V-Label representative for Croatia, simultaneously noting a steady increase in the interest and number of new users in Croatia.

Click here for a full list of Croatian manufacturers and their products carrying the V-Label.

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