12/29/23 Pre-holiday messages from distinguished citizens of Dubrovnik

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The news that Dubrovnik finally got it's first registered abandoned animal shelter made waves in the community

- Robert Bo隕ovi and Silente are sending a message: Animals are not gifts to be placed under a Christmas tree - adopt when you can

Due to the currently still fresh news that the city of Dubrovnik finally got it's first registered abandoned animal shelter, Animal Friends Croatia asked some well-known citizens of Dubrovnik what are their holiday messages for their fellow citizens. Let us remind you that many abandoned animals were hurt in Dubrovnik area due to the non-implenetation of official laws and regulations. Exactly for that reason, the news that Dubrovnik founded a shelter that satisfies all the conditions made such a positive impact.

Robert Bo隕ovi, famous actor and musical director from Dubrovnik has taken part in Animal Friends Croatia's activities for adoption and aid of abandoned and wounded animals since 2005. Since then, he gained the public's heart by posing with chinchilla 'Pepa' as the face of the campaign that forbade the breeding of animals for fur in 2017. Two years ago, he contributed to the ongoing campaign that has the goal to prevent people from keeping their dogs chained.

"I am very glad that my city now has a registered animal shelter. I really hope that my fellow citizens will adopt abandoned animals and responsibly care about them so Dubrovnik becomes the pride of the whole Croatia in regards to their care. It always is, but in this holiday period it is also important not to buy animals as Christmas presents but to make their and our lives more beautifuly by adopting. Shelters are full of dogs that only want one single thing - love and a safe home, and we have the power to fulfill this wish. Besides that, animals from shelters are castrated, microchipped, vaccinated and medically taken care of. By adopting just one of them we are saving two animals, the one we adopted, and the one that has taken it's place at the shelter." - said Bo隕ovi

Members of the popular local band 'Silente' agree with him. Musical sensation from Dubrovnik says: "We are aware of this big abandoned animal problem and because of that we are very happy that Dubrovnik now has it's first registered animal shelter. However, shelter should just be their short-term temporary home. As we ourselves already have beautiful pets, we are calling out everyone who has the means to adopt a cat or a dog. All of us who have ever loved any animal know very well how little they ask of us and how much they give in return. It is also very important that by castrating and taking proper care we lower the number of abandoned dogs and cats. Let them celebrate the new year in warm homes instead of the streets or the crowded shelters.

Animal Friends Croatia also said that they believe that Dubrovnik will fulfill their other promises, like regular microchipping controls, financing castrations of sheltered cats and dogs, and educate people on responsible animal adoption and care. This way they can become an example of good execution of legal regulations and effort on lowering the number of abandoned and stray animals.

Animal Friends Croatia appeal to everyone to buy gifts like cosmetics or other items that have not been tested on animals or have been made of animal furs or skins. Also, they are asking everyone to choose vegan meals and food products, and to avoid the use of pyrotechincs, in spirit of consideration for the animals, but other human beings as well. They are imploring everyone to avoid buying animals, and, if they have the means to care about an animal, they visit one of the abandoned animal shelters and, as a family, go and find a new best friend there.

Find out HERE why you shouldn't forget about animal shelters during holidays.

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