02/05/24 Child's Song About Veganism Leaves No One Indifferent

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Nine-year-old Sofia sang a song and recorded a video on behalf of vegan children

- Sofia Makar: "I want everyone to know how I feel, and that’s why I’m so happy to have the opportunity to sing about the sad lives of animals."

Nine-year-old Sofia Makar has sung and recorded a video for a very emotional song, "Vege Song," which, as the name suggests, touches on the topic of veganism. Lyrics like "Anything with a mom, I don't see as food" evoke emotions and will not leave anyone indifferent, especially when facing the eyes of little Sofia while watching the video.

The lyrics, music, and arrangement are credited to Professor Maja Rogić, a member of the Croatian Composers' Society and the Croatian Writers' Association for Children and Youth, and the organizer of a series of projects under the common name "We Can Change the World Through Us", and her daughter, Magdalena Rogić, is the author of the video. Symbolically, the video was filmed on World Vegan Day in front of the Meštrović Pavilion and fountains in front of the National and University Library in Zagreb, which were lit in vegan colors that day. "I don't want to live on someone else's suffering; I don't want food that comes with cries. I love animals, cows, deer, turkey, but not on a plate," are some of the lyrics that will resonate with many for a long time. Interestingly, the girl who recorded the song to teach Sofia to sing stopped eating animals, inspired by the song's lyrics.

"I want everyone to know how I feel and why I don't want to eat meat. I am happy that with this song, I can show everyone my love for animals and explain why it is important to be vegan. Besides not killing animals, we also preserve forests and prevent many other bad things from meat consumption. I would be happy if everyone decided to eat fruits, vegetables, and various other delicious dishes, not animals," Sofia said on this occasion, urging everyone to watch her video.

Little Sofia, who has been a vegan almost since birth, and whose entire immediate family is vegan, prefers pancakes, lentil stew, creamy pumpkin soup, green pesto, nuggets, fried seitan, roasted potatoes, cabbage rolls, brownies, muffins, and sweets. Although she is only nine years old, this is not her first activist endeavor for animals. She modeled for the children's T-shirt range for the association "Animal Friends," proudly walked in the March for Animals two years in a row, and participated in a protest for the closure of zoos.

She also shared how she decided to become vegan: "Mom and Dad told me where meat actually comes from, so I started thinking about it too. I know that animals hurt and suffer, and none of them want to die. I think it's great to be vegan, and I'm glad everyone in my family is vegan too. That way, we also protect and care for animals, and it's good for us too."

As Animal Friends Croatia points out, a balanced vegan diet is nutritionally adequate for all age groups, including pregnant women and children. In fact, most children's diet contains too many animal-derived foods and lack fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other foods that protect against common diseases. Therefore, it is good that the number of vegetarian and vegan children is increasing significantly.

"A vegan diet, with the addition of vitamin B12, provides excellent nutrition at all stages of childhood, from birth to puberty. Children who eat whole vegan foods develop good habits, and their risk of suffering from later-life conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol and blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes is reduced," concludes Animal Friends.

The video for the song can be listened to on the Animal Friends Croatia YouTube channel www.youtube.com/afcroatia.


My grandpa catches fish,
waiting for hours
for the bait to be taken
by some little fish.
My grandpa catches fish,
and it breaks my heart to watch it.

My grandpa catches fish,
and when he pulls them out
I see how they suffer,
suffocate and struggle.
But my grandpa doesn't care about it,
for him, it's just a pastime.

But I eat a mandarin,
sweet, juicy and fine,
I'm happy because I know
it doesn't hurt it,
a pear, a nectarine,
and vegetables in this team,
I know well what my heart's desire is.
Everything that has a mom
I don't consider food.

I don't want to live
on someone else's suffering,
I don't want food that comes with cries,
I love animals: a cow, a deer, a turkey,
but not on a plate.

I was at my grandma's in the countryside
during the pig slaughter,
and looked into the eyes of a terrified pig.
Sausages and hams
are not worth that suffering.
The memories don't fade.

The holidays are near,
people rejoice and celebrate,
but sad thoughts linger in my mind:
how many beings
will perish in pain
to end up on the table?

Sofia Makar- childre song about veganism [ 302.27 Kb ]

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