02/13/24 Four years later, March for Animals returns!

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First announcement for the March for Animals; everyone is invited to find time for the protection of animals and their rights

- April 13th, 2024, 11 o'clock, Zagreb: for stopping abuse, torture, and killing of animals

After four long years, on Saturday, April 13, 2024, the March for Animals will take place once again, and it will be the fourth one taking place in Croatia! It is organized by the association Animal Friends Croatia and Victory Association, with the support of members of the Animal Protection Network and other associations, and everyone is invited.

The gathering for the procession will start at 11 o’clock at King Tomislav Square in Zagreb (Trg Kralja Tomislava). Then it will proceed through the city center of Zagreb: from Josip Juraj Strossmayer Park to Zrinjevac, Teslina Street, Masaryk Street, and Frankopanska Street, along Ilica to Ban Jelačić Square, where the procession will briefly stop for speeches. The procession will then continue along Praška Street towards Zrinjevac Park, where the program and socializing will take place.

The movement for the protection and rights of animals is becoming stronger and more numerous every year, both globally and in Croatia. For this reason, the organizers expect that this year's March for Animals will attract even more participants and be louder in the fight for those who cannot advocate for their rights. They remind us that animals are exploited in almost all spheres of human activities - in the entertainment industry (circuses, zoos, hunting), clothing and food production, and laboratory testing. Although it seems that pets are in a slightly better position than other animals, many still suffer because people neglect, abandon, and abuse them. That is why everyone will find a reason to march and raise their voice for the innocent.

Organizers point out that institutions and authorities have repeatedly shown negligence and ignorance in improving the situation. The organizers argue that legal regulations need to be more responsibly enforced, and many need significant improvement: "Croatia needs changes in legislation and establishment of an inspection for animal protection. There are many reasons to come to the March for Animals."

Animal Friends Croatia expresses that their intention for this March is to fill the hearts of citizens with positivity and bring hope for a future with less violence, injustice, and suffering for the well-being of animals, the planet, and people because everything can and must be improved: "If you care about animals in any way, if you want to be their voice, if you oppose at least some aspect of their exploitation and want to be a part of a growing justice movement, join us at the March for Animals on April 13, 2024!"

Animal Friends Croatia invites everyone to stand proudly on the side of history for which we won't have to be ashamed one day.

March for Animals 2019, photo: Uros Modlic [ 111.76 Kb ]

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