04/16/24 Better Love Life with Plant-Based Food

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Women's libido increases by up to 383% after switching to a plant-based diet, which also helps with impotence

- Animal Friends invites everyone to the Veggie Challenge for a healthier sex life

Everyone is already familiar with the numerous benefits of a vegan diet on human health: it is known to improve heart health and aid in weight loss, as well as in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. The World Health Organization has declared processed meat carcinogenic, and recent studies have shown that the consumption of animal proteins can lead to an increased risk of oral cancer. There is plenty of research on the harmful effects of meat, but it is less known that a vegan diet can increase women's libido, prolong erections in men, and generally improve sexual life.

"Women who switch to a vegan diet notice an increase in libido of up to 383%," concluded researchers from Stanford University while comparing the impact of a vegan diet versus a meat diet in identical twins, as featured in the mega-popular documentary "You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment." Participants underwent various experiments to explore how certain foods can affect the body.

To examine whether plant-based foods affect libido, laboratory equipment was used to measure levels of sexual arousal in two pairs of twin sisters. The experiment was conducted first before they switched to a plant-based diet and then repeated eight weeks later to see if the plant-based diet had any effect on their sexual urges. Libido levels significantly increased in all four women, with one of the twins experiencing an increase of up to 383%. Scientists conducting the study speculate that nutrients in vegetables help improve blood flow to the genitals.

Although they did not investigate whether a vegan diet can have the same sexual effect on men, such research has already been conducted. Namely, in the Netflix documentary "The Game Changers," leading representative of the American Urological Association Dr. Aaron Spitz conducted an interesting experiment to determine this. One evening, he fed three American athletes vegetable tortillas, and the next evening, meat tortillas. He concluded that men, on average, have an almost five times longer erection after a plant-based meal, and their erection is up to 13.5% firmer.

For years, various studies have confirmed that vegetarians and vegans have a better sex life, and PETA has even made an entire campaign and commercial based on this claim. Doctors agree that eating meat clogs arteries that supply blood to all organs, not just the heart, meaning that eating meat can cause impotence. Compared to meat-eaters, vegans have more energy and are nine times less likely to become obese, which then affects their love life positively.

Viagra and other impotence drugs can help you temporarily, but a plant-based diet can help in the long run. The best way to prevent artery blockages, as well as many other conditions that cause impotence and lack of libido, is a diet rich in fiber, including plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains," conclude Animal Friends. They invite everyone to sign up for the Veggie Challenge to learn about many other benefits of such a diet.

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