03/22/24 Preventing Imprisonment for Abandoning Unwanted Paws Through Neutering!

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Recently passed amendments to the Penal Code make abandonment a criminal offense

- March 23rd, 2024, Ban Jela鋱 Square, 10 am: "Adoption is Cool" event; on the neutering of dogs and cats

The "Adoption is Cool" event, titled "Unwanted Paws," will take place on Saturday, March 23rd, 2024, from 10 am to 2 pm at Ban Jela鋱 Square in Zagreb. At this educational event, organized by the City of Zagreb in cooperation with the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City of Zagreb and the association Animal Friends, visitors will be able to receive useful information about the importance of neutering dogs and cats to prevent irresponsible caretakers from killing or abandoning their unwanted offspring.

"Last week, members of parliament passed amendments to the Penal Code, making animal abandonment a criminal offense. Anyone who abandons a pet will face imprisonment for up to one year, and if the abandonment results in the death of an animal or if multiple animals are abandoned, imprisonment for up to two years. Instead of abandoning them, caretakers can help by neutering them, as the most important tool for birth control, and by responsibly adopting them," emphasizes Animal Friends Croatia.

They add that criminalizing abandonment will have a preventive significance because people will think twice before risking imprisonment by abandoning dogs or cats. But they will also think before acquiring a pet if they have enough money, time, and knowledge to care for it. They will act more responsibly towards birth control and neuter animals instead of abandoning them, which could lead to imprisonment.

"In addition to this provision, it is also important for local government units to work concurrently to prevent animal abandonment. According to legal provisions, they must enforce dog microchipping control by visiting all households, (co)finance neutering of caretaker dogs and cats, and educate the public about responsible animal care," explains Animal Friends Croatia.

Therefore, with the "Adoption is Cool" event, they aim to encourage citizens to neuter animals under their care. Although the Animal Protection Act obliges all caretakers to control the reproduction of pets, some of them ignore this obligation. In seven years, one cat and its offspring can produce 420,000 kittens, and one female dog and its offspring can produce 67,000 puppies. Therefore, neutering is considered the most effective method of controlling the reproduction of dogs and cats and a responsible act.

"Shelters are full of puppies abandoned at an early age when they cannot survive without their mother. As they are at risk, they need quality veterinary care and a life outside the shelter, without contact with other dogs. Therefore, temporary foster homes are very important, where puppies can spend the most sensitive period of their lives. The shelter provides vaccinations, parasite cleaning, and all other veterinary services, and also advertises animals for adoption," says Animal Friends.

They emphasize that adoption is not cool if it is not based on a well-thought-out decision, an assessment of the ability to care for the animal, and the consent of all family members. The Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City of Zagreb is busy throughout the year, especially during spring and summer, with abandoned litters of dogs and cats waiting for someone to adopt them or at least provide temporary accommodation.

On the occasion of the "Adoption is Cool" event, Animal Friends invites citizens to, if they have the conditions, make themselves and an animal happy through thoughtful adoption, to responsibly care for cats and dogs by neutering them, and to provide them with quality living conditions and veterinary care throughout their lives.

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