06/06/24 Everything is Ready for the Vegan Fiesta at the 13th Veggie Fair!

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The 13th Veggie Fair is an excellent opportunity to learn about the benefits of the vegan diet and products

-June 8, 2024, 9 am-9 pm: a green oasis at Europe Square with over thirty exhibitors and six restaurants

The weather forecast has about 30 degrees Celsius predicted for Saturday, a proper summer day fitting for early June. Animal Friends Croatia has a perfect solution for all those looking to find something to do on a day off while cooling down in the city center by trying out something new and different, with tons of useful information and content at hand.

“Everything is ready for the Veggie Fair. Join us on Saturday, June 8, at Europe Square between 9 am and 9 pm, enjoy an exquisite gastronomic offer, fill in your cloth bags with vegan groceries and cosmetics at reduced prices, find out the latest from the world of veganism, and simply – enjoy a pleasant company. You will find there over 30 exhibitors and six restaurants offering refreshing craft beer, pawpaw beer, gelato, detox juices, and various plant-based dishes such as falafel or Pad Thai which you can eat without having to worry about your beach body,” stated Vlatka Balaš Cerja, Animal Friends Croatia Project Coordinator. Visitors to the Fair will benefit from the educational aspect of the Veggie Fair by learning why vegan food is an efficient ally in the fight against obesity, but also diabetes, cardio-vascular and digestive tract diseases, as well as how it contributes to the prevention of tumor growth, strengthens immunity, helps increase energy levels and achieve overall vitality. Such a diet is suitable for everyone, not just vegans, as is apparent from Fair’s high attendance figures.

“The Veggie Fair aims to show that the path to health and longevity should be a varied diet based on plant-based products which benefit people of all ages thanks to its rich nutritional value. The event is a perfect opportunity to satisfy your curiosity if you are interested in changing your life for the better and learning about the benefits of vegan food and products, in direct communication with plant-based food producers and restaurateurs who offer vegan food, as well as individuals who have been practicing veganism for years,” stated Balaš Cerjak.

Many opt for a vegan diet based on information on the alarmingly negative impact of the meat industry on the consumption of already exhausted natural resources and the environment. The environmental price of meat, eggs, and milk is too high, whereas a plant-based diet reduces the carbon footprint by 50%. It is also the quickest route to environmental protection and biodiversity. Veggie Fair offers evidence that we do not have to sacrifice anything because a vegan diet allows us to consume whatever we would normally eat but with plant-based ingredients. Moreover, it adds to the diversity of our diet. The Veggie Fair will also involve V-label carriers. V-label is globally the most well-known certificate that has been granted to vegan products worldwide for over 20 years, becoming increasingly more popular among Croatian manufacturers. The primary goal is to allow consumers to easily recognize animal-free products and to make those products more attractive. This event due to take place in the green surroundings of Europe Square, will be an opportunity for Animal Friends Croatia to announce the 16th ZeGeVeggie Festival of Sustainable Living for September 6, 2024, at the same location.

The VeggieFair is a non-profit event with the sole purpose of educating the public, supported by the Zagreb City Council.

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