06/19/24 Come out to Vote to Determine the Welfare of Billions of Animals!

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In the run-up to EP elections on June 9, Animal Friends Croatia send an appeal to politicians to advocate for animal protection

- Candidates for European Parliament elections are invited to Pledge for Animals

In the run-up to the European Parliament elections on June 9, Animal Friends Croatia, members of Eurogroup for Animals, sent a letter to all candidates for the European Parliament elections and all political parties in Croatia, inviting them to Pledge for Animals available from https://www.eurogroupforanimals.org/hr/glas-za-zivotinje.

The aim of the appeal is to encourage the candidates to get involved in initiatives for improving the position of animals in society, a major concern to EU citizens. Multiple surveys and campaigns have shown that Europeans want better protection for farm animals, pets, animals used in testing, and wild animals. Several successful campaigns in the past have showcased their concern, such as End the Cage Age, Fur Free Europe and Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics.

By taking a Pledge for Animals, EP candidates agree to demand from the European Commission to do more for animals and to advocate for an end to animal suffering during transportation; protection of marine species welfare; food production that benefits humans, animals, and our planet; stricter regulation of animal product imports; development of scientific methods free of animal exploitation; provision of improved conditions for wild animals; ban on animal breeding for fur and their placement on the European market; better care for pets, as well as nomination of a special Commissioner for Animal Welfare.

“We believe that all European Parliament candidates should support the above-mentioned objectives because improving animal welfare contributes to creating a more compassionate society that promotes empathy and respect towards all beings. Moreover, stricter regulations and supervision of animal protection also protect public safety by decreasing the incidence of violence and abuse. Finally, promoting more sustainable practices, such as the low carbon print plant-based diet, contributes to the protection of the environment and a reduction in the environmental footprint, in accordance with global sustainable development objectives,” state Animal Friends Croatia.

They call on all candidates to spare a few minutes of their time and join their many counterparts who have already taken Pledge For Animals, thus showing their commitment to ethical and sustainable values in our society. The group also invites the public to come out and vote because European citizens’ votes determine future lives and the welfare of billions of animals. Citizens can write to the European Parliament candidates via the web-campaign Vote For Animals.

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