05/31/24 Whoever has a dog on a chain is primitive

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Continuing the campaign to ban keeping dogs on a chain

- Large posters highlight the cruelty of animal abusers

The word primitive is defined as cultural and civilizational immaturity and a lack of civic culture. Animal Friends Croatia says that keeping dogs on a chain means exactly that. They think that whoever is keeping a dog chained is primitive. Leaving a sentient being to constant physical and psychological suffering is extremely cruel, but also a sign of primitive behaviour.

"Nobody has to have a dog - it's a choice, not a necessity. How else to describe the choice of consciously getting a living being and tying that social being to a chain, where he will spend his whole life in suffering", explains Luka Oman, president of the association. He adds that such a thing should be completely banned in the civilized society of the 21st century.

In 2017, Croatia celebrated the legal provision banning keeping dogs on a chain, and legislative institutions boasted about the new Animal Protection Act, which will no longer allow shameful scenes from Croatia that tourists send to the world. Unfortunately, everything got stuck on words that sabotaged the implementation. Namely, the Law states that it is forbidden to "permanently" keep dogs on a chain, so in practice it is difficult to prove how much a dog is actually on a chain and how much is not. By removing that word, the implementation would be clear, and there is really no justification for keeping the dog on a chain even for a short time.

The scene of a dog on a chain indicates primitiveness and cruelty. Let's just imagine ourselves in a situation where one end of the chain is tied to our neck, and the other to a well or corn basket. Now let's imagine our life situation for one day, one week, one month, one year... to face death with relief because the cold and heat have stopped, there is no chain cutting into the neck, and most of all the unimaginable psychological suffering has stopped.

It is not so difficult to put yourself in the position of another and live according to the rule that we don’t do to another being what we don’t want to happen to us. Dogs on chains are a reflection of our society and as long as such a cruel practice is allowed, society will be a reflection of primitivism.

And so, even though more than five years have passed since the mistake in the Animal Protection Act, there is no way to correct it. We are waiting and waiting for the amendment of the Law, and many dogs haven’t lived up to see it. They did not take the chain with them after their death; it stayed for the new puppy that was convinced that man is his best friend. "Isn't there really time to at least stop this suffering and correct the injustice? Isn't it really time to pass a better law?" Animal Friends Croatia wonders, hoping that the new Government will find time in the future for the new Animal Protection Act.

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