10/13/04 Parliamentary Debate on Animal Welfare

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Debate on proposal for new Animal Welfare Act

On Wednesday, October 13 at 9:30 A.M., the first talking point at daily parliamentarian session will be the proposal for new Animal Welfare Act which was issued by president of Liberal Party Mr. Ivo Banac. Half an hour before the start of parliamentary session Animal Friends' activists will hold five-meter long banner in front of the parliament and hand out leaflets to parliamentarians.

In accordance with current changes of laws throughout the EU, and worldwide, Animal Friends once again points out the necessity of changing inappropriate existing Animal Welfare Act of Republic of Croatia. Our organization believes that the existing Animal Welfare Act isn't in compliance with others of the EU, and therefore is inappropriate for our country which aspires to join the Union. With the proposal for new Animal Welfare Act that is three times longer than the existing one, Animal Friends tries to keep up with changes that now take place throughout Europe. We call for ban of circuses with performing animals, pig-slaughtering in the backyards (kolinje), vivisection (especially for testing cosmetics), fur industry, trade of exotic animals, inhumane breeding and transport of farm animals, battery hens, hunt for fun and sport, killing of abandoned and lost companion animals and all other forms of animal abuse.

By following changes in laws of Western countries - ban of battery hens in Switzerland and Austria; ban of selling battery eggs in Netherlands; ban of keeping pigs and calves in narrow crates in the UK; ban of tail docking in Austria, ban of keeping lions and tigers for circus acts in Austria; ban of force feeding geese in California; ban of trading with fur of dogs, cats and seals in Belgium; introducing of animal rights in constitution in Germany; big fines for dog abandonment in Italy; ban of breeding animals for fur in Austria; ban of fox hunting with foxhounds in Scotland, England and Wales, and many other rules that already are, or are about to be introduced - PhD Ivo Banac will introduce proposal for new Animal Welfare Act to Croatian parliament.

Animal Friends is an organization that fights for protection and rights of all animals. We fight for Croatia with modern animal shelters where dogs wouldn't be killed after only 30 days, and where all animal species would have their rights - animals that we daily meet in our streets, and ones that live their lives far away from the public eye.

Our organization, as the author of the bill, believes that people of Croatia are far more sensible for animal welfare issues than credited, and it is only matter of time when the existing Animal Welfare Act will be replaced with modern one which would, for a change, protect interests of the ones whose welfare it represents.




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