02/12/05 Loudly Against Fur

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Animal Friends invites you to an International anti-fur demo

In order to show suffering and horrors hidden behind raising animals for their fur, Animal Friends will hold the first anti-fur demo in Croatia!

Noisy protest, which will be supported by organizations and individuals from abroad, will start off on Saturday, February 12, 2005 at 11 A.M., by the Well of Life in front of Croatian National Theatre. Protest march armed with banners, whistles and drums will go along following route: Croatian National Theatre, Frankopanska ulica, Ilica, Ban Jelacic Square, Ilica, Margaretska, Petar Preradovic Square, Preradoviceva ulica, Masarykova, Croatian National Theatre.

Why an anti-fur demo?

Because every year for making a single animal fur coat one must kill: 10-24 foxes, 16-20 beavers, 20-30 raccoons, 26-34 nutrias, 30-40 opossums, 40-60 minks, 60-80 sables, 100-400 squirrels, 130-200 chinchillas, 180-240 ermines.

Why an anti-fur demo?

Because Croatia is the world greatest producer of chinchilla fur with over 50% of world production of fur of that endangered and almost extinct South American rodent. If we consider that in a period of only six months Chinchilla d.o.o. produced 10,5 tons of waste, we can only imagine the frightening number of poor animals whose lives ended there. Therefore, this is an information Croatia must be ashamed of.

Why an anti-fur demo?

Because the process of making a fur coat is nor ethical nor ecological and animals raised for fur spend their whole lives locked in tiny wire cages full of filth, fur balls and waste of other animals. Wire cages hurt their paws and they are constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions, hunger, thirst, stress and are forced to cannibalism.

Why an anti-fur demo?

Because there is nothing human in the ways of killing those animals. Before skinning, animals are killed by neck snapping, gas poisoning or by poison injections in their hearts. Or they are electrocuted with electric shocks of 240 V when one electrode is put in their mouth and the other in vagina or anus. Sometimes animals only lose consciousness but are still alive when they are skinned. Would you like to be in their shoes?

Why an anti-fur demo?

Because civilized countries like Austria ban fur production and breeding of animals for their fur, so considering that Croatia aspires to become a part of civilized world, it is logical that it should follow this example.

Therefore Animal Friends invites all people with ethical and ecological awareness to join loud protest against killing of animals for fur.


Zagreb, Saturday, February 12, 2005, 11 A.M.

Meeting point:
Well of life in front of the Croatian National Theater - HNK (center of the city)
HNK, Frankopanska ulica, Ilica, Ban Jelacic Square, Ilica, Margaretska, Petar Preradovic Square, Preradoviceva ulica, Masarykova, HNK (on the city map marked blue)
Protest will end at about 1 P.M.


For more information please contact us at: prijatelji-zivotinja@inet.hr

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