"How do I Understand Animal Protection"

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Many are the ways for us to show how compassionate we are towards the other creatures, and certainly one of them is expressing our thoughts and feelings about them in a written word.

Here we will have the opportunity and honor to read the awarded essays from the competition for the best essay "How do I Understand Animal Protection," which, in cooperation with a Bulgarian organization Intimate With Nature Society (IWNS), Animal Friends has started in 1 October 2003.

The competition ended on 1 December 2003, and it was sponsored by Allavida.

Three members of AFC commission, Hrvoje Juric, Suzana Marjanic and Snjezana Klopotan, chose three best essays and award the following prizes:

1st prize - Nina Coric, Zagreb
2nd prize - Nevena Ljubisic, Petrinja
3rd prize - Sasa Begovic, Petrijevci

The prize out of competition will be given to the eighth-graders with special needs of the elementary school Virovitica: Danijel Pavlovic, Tomislav Juhas, Tomislav Stefovic, Suzana Baltic, Dinko Stanic, Ivancica Nikter, Ivan Brdaric, Matija Busljeta, Rifat Skrebic, Pero Milasin, and Zoran Pokrivka.

The members of Bulgarian commission Stefka Naumova, Madlen Vassileva and Peter Kraevski chose three best Bulgarian essays and awarded the following prizes:

1st prize - Dessislava Petrova Petrova
2nd prize - Roxena Hristova Laleva
3rd prize - Tsvetomir Naidenov

We congratulate the winners and thank everybody for taking part in this competition!

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