02/22/06 Appeal for a Ban on Circuses With Animals

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The mayor of Mursko Sredisce sends to the mayors in Republic of Croatia an appeal for a ban on circuses with animals

After 22 Croatian towns banned circuses with animal acts on their territory, Mr. Rudolf Klennert, the mayor of the first town in Croatia that banned circuses with animals, sent an appeal to all mayors of other Croatian towns to make the same ethical and civilizing correct decision as soon as possible.

The City Council of Lepoglava already reacted positively on the appeal of Animal Friends and the mayor of Mursko Sredisce, making a decision about the ban on circuses with animals on their conference on February 20, 2006. Thus Lepoglava became 23rd town in Croatia that closed its door to the circuses which in their shows exploit and abuse animals.

Soon the Croatian capitol will on its City Council conference include in the agenda the ban on circuses with animal acts in Zagreb. We believe that the remaining towns in Croatia will also respond to the initiative of Animal Friends and Croatian citizens who do not want cruelty of circuses with animals in their towns.

Animal Friends thanks Mursko Sredisce, Varazdin, Donji Miholjac, Velika Gorica, Rovinj, Split, Delnice, Gospic, Cakovec, Ozalj, Kraljevica, Ploce, Prelog, Klanjec, Pozega, Bjelovar, Zabok, Nin, Novi Marof, Varazdinske Toplice, Dugo Selo, Krizevci, and Lepoglava, for realizing that only the ban can stop a torture of animals in circuses, like numerous towns and nations worldwide became aware of that many years ago.

Enclosed is the letter of the mayor Rudolf Klennert sent to the mayors of the towns that on their city council conferences still didn't make this ethically correct decision.

Translation of the letter:

Republic of Croatia
District of Medjimurje
The town of Mursko Sredisce
The Mayor

February 14, 2006

To the towns of the Republic of Croatia

Reff: Appeal for a ban on circuses with animal acts

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to you as a mayor of the first town in Republic of Croatia whose City Council made the decision to ban circuses with animal acts in our town and thus support the Animal Friends Croatia's initiative for the ban of cruelty to animals in our country.

I am sure that you are aware of the cruelty in animal training, undernourishment, neglect, long and arduous traveling under extreme weather conditions which animals in circuses are exposed to.

Examples of numerous cities and nations that already have banned circuses with animal acts worldwide, with 22 towns of Republic of Croatia that started to join them at the end of the past year, proved that bans on circuses with animal acts are reflection of growth of a civil society.

Cities that are following the path of today's ethical tendencies are cities of the future, because not only that they show respect to animals, but they also respect the desire of its citizens and accurately develop the culture and reputation of their town.

Trusting that you as well, as mayors of towns who still consider to make such decisions in their towns, think along the lines of these ethical tendencies and that a question of ban on circuses with animal acts in your towns is just a question of time, I would like to use this opportunity to appeal to you to legalize this decision as soon as possible, for every day of waiting means another day of suffering for animals exploited for entertainment.

With respect and compliments,

Rudolf Klennert
The Mayor

Appeal of the mayor Rudolf Klennert



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