11/30/06 Parliament Voice for Animals

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Amendment and Animal Protection Act voting in Croatian Parliament

After yesterday's parliamentary debate, as announced, tomorrow, December 1, 2006 should be the day when members of the parliament will vote on the new Animal Protection Act which should take effect from January 1, 2007 and will yield a lot of changes considering animal protection and rights in Croatia.

Animal Friends also hopes that the amendment considering dog races will be voted and then included in the Act. By doing so, dog races that are publicly condemned, would be completely banned. Also, we hope that the consistent dog leashing will be banned so that this type of physical and psychological molestation could finally be stopped.

Animal Friends is surprised by the move of the amendment that from the regulation, in which all animal fights are strongly banned, bullfights should be excluded due to alleged bullfighting tradition in one part of the Croatia. Although bulls are not being harmed in these fights so far, once the law that allows bullfights is passed, who will stop the organizers to have bloody fights as well? If bullfights do become allowed in Croatia this would be one great shame for Croatia, especially in these times when Spain is condemned around the world for its bloody tradition. Besides, it would be completely wrong to change the Act for alleged custom in some villages that could easily organize bull shows instead of cruel bullfights (that are primitive forms of entertainment and forbidden by current Animal Welfare Act) and thereby get the same amount of attention.

Although many problems have not been included or are still unsolved, we are pleased that the regulation considering breeding animals for fur, despite the large transitional period, will be included in this Act. With many other positive regulations, the future Act seems like a nice start of legislative changes considering animal rights and protection in Croatia.

Animal Friends hopes that the changes regarding the efficiency of national authorities will also take place so that this Act becomes more than just letters on a paper.

If the voting on the amendment and the Animal Welfare Act in the national parliament does not take place tomorrow, it surly will next week.



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