06/03/08 Obligation of Microchipping Left to the Cities' Decision

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Animal Friends demands an obligation of microchipping for all dogs in Croatia

- Mayor of Velika Gorica speaks about microchipping of dogs on King Tomislav Square in Zagreb

After a year of appealing to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery, and Rural Development to change the regulations on dog identification – that is, to introduce the obligation of microchipping for all dogs – there is still no sign of realizing that crucial demand, which is of great importance for all.

Animal Friends has contacted thirty cities and towns and received as many as 22 letters of support for the campaign, but neither that nor the numerous signatures of citizens on our petition have not moved the Ministry to do something in order to help the animals and the local communities.

For that reason, Animal Friends invites all cities and towns to promulgate local regulations on the obligatory microchipping of all dogs, not just the newborn, as it is stated in the Regulation on the Identification of Dogs, thus making an important step towards solving the problem of abandoned animals and their welfare. Such a decision might also provoke the Ministry into action.

As early as 2005, the town of Velika Gorica promulgated an act by which it obliged all dog guardians to microchip their dogs, regardless of their age. This should serve as a model to other cities and towns, for which we hope that they will soon promulgate analogous acts.

On Tuesday, June 3, at 11:00 A.M. there will be info stalls of Animal Friends, Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City Zagreb in Dumovec, and Zagreb Info Pet Center. The stands will be located on King Tomislav Square in Zagreb.

Mayor of Velika Gorica, Tonino Picula, will speak about the importance of promulgating an act about the obligatory microchipping of all dogs.

At the info stalls, citizens will be able to sign our petition for changing the Regulation on the Identification of Dogs, which can also be done on the Animal Friends website, www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr. Therefore, we invite the citizens to contribute to the campaign with their signatures and urge the Ministry, as well as their local authorities, to promulgate the decision on the obligatory microchipping of dogs.

Microchipping is an utterly simple and painless procedure, which will be demonstrated by Tatjana Zajec, who will microchip a dog from the Shelter. The dog will also be offered for adoption.

Even though microchipping with the mandatory vaccination costs only HRK 50 for the entire lifetime of the dog, because of insufficient legal regulations only around 20% of dogs in Croatia have been microchipped. This situation is unacceptable because of an exceptionally high number of abandoned animals, which also causes financial problems to the local communities, directly caused by the irresponsible behavior of citizens and their carelessness regarding animal welfare.

We hope that the cities and towns of Croatia will follow the example of Velika Gorica and contribute to the promulgation of a regulation on obligatory microchipping of all dogs, thus helping both people and animals in their community.

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