07/30/08 Animal Friends Goes on YouTube

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Animal Friends offers educational videos on YouTube and DVD

Animal Friends has opened its own channel on YouTube in order to make short educational video clips on animal rights, vegetarianism, and ecology accessible to the wider public in Croatian tongue.

The clips deal with the topics of animal abuse in circuses, zoos, pet-shops, horse races, leather and fur industry, animal testing, meat industry, global warming, and environmental pollution, offering both valuable information and concrete solutions.

Animal Friends' YouTube channel www.youtube.com/afcroatia currently features 28 video clips and their number will increase continuously. As early as during its making, the channel counted 20 thousand viewings, which shows the great interest of Croatian citizens for animal rights and the importance of this strategy in education.

All videos are also available on DVD in three different compilations, which can be ordered through the Animal Friends' web portal www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr. The DVDs are free of charge and the recipient is only expected to cover the mailing costs and the costs of the DVD medium. All videos can be copied and distributed freely.

We invite you to visit our YouTube channel and inform your friends about it. You can also help in developing the channel by offering your services in translating, subtitling, synchronizing, and technically processing new videos.

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