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World Aquatic Animal Day 04/03/2020

Today, on April 3, we mark World Aquatic Animal Day for the first time. The event is a project of the Aquatic Animal Law Initiative and the Animal Law Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School. Aquatic animals play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They are important not only as a group, but are also valuable and interesting individual beings with intrinsic value. By aquatic animals we mean not only fish but also countless other animals that live most of their lives in water: amphibians, marine mammals, crustaceans, certain reptiles, molluscs, water birds, aquatic insects, starfish and corals. Despite their importance, aquatic animals around the world are exploited and abused and face many different threats. By marking this day, we raise awareness of the problems they face. We must also consider our interactions with aquatic animals, our treatment of them, and the often-devastating impacts we are having on them and their habitats. (

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