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The Animal Protection Act, which was put in effect in 2017, brought news related to the care of lost and abandoned animals. Its directives have given local self-governments the opportunity to deal more effectively with the challenges posed by caring for abandoned animals left by irresponsible citizens. The tools provided by this Act can significantly reduce the financial expenditures of cities and municipalities if they apply them and include them in their general acts.

The purpose of this educational brochure which was sent to every Croatian city and municipality is to point out the exact causes of the problem, which are primarily: uncontrolled breeding of owned dogs and cats, not microchipping dogs, and abandonment of animals; and to show local self-governments ways in which this can be prevented. The incentive for the brochure preparation was the expressed interest of representatives of many cities and municipalities who showed a desire to act in preventing
irresponsible behavior of citizens towards pets, and asked us for advice. Therefore, we have clearly and transparently specified the ways in which cities and municipalities can prevent the emergence of abandoned animals through the implementation of the Act, the regulations they adopt in their jurisdiction and education, and thus save on animal care.

We believe that the advice provided by this brochure will be of great help to cities and municipalities, but also to abandoned animals.

You can read the brochure in full HERE.

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