05/19/06 Comments on the Report of the European Integrations Committee

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European Integration Committee
Neven Mimica
St. Mark Square 6
10000 Zagreb

Subject: Comments on the report of the Croatian Parliament - European Integrations Committee, regarding the Proposal for the Animal Protection Act

Dear Mr. Mimica,

In the report of The European Integration Committee of the Croatian Parliament, the committee mentions civil organizations, although no representatives of these organizations or associations were invited to participate and present their viewpoints in the session.

The complaints of civil organizations on the Proposal of the Animal Protection Act are not mentioned in the report, so this might lead to the assumption that complaints do not even exist.

We would like to stress that due to the missing of the opinions that will not be mentioned in the report and the fact that no civil rights organizations were contacted to give their opinions, the report will deliver a wrong picture of the situation.

Furthermore, we would like to say that we are in strong disagreement with the committee's proposal to the Croatian Parliament that the proposed Act should be passed in its first reading. After considering opinions of all MPs, the proposed Act should be returned to the proposer, who should reconsider the opinions of the MP and the objections of civil rights organizations, in order to make all necessary changes and additions to the proposed Act.

Yours sincerely,

Luka Oman



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