12/13/10 Request for the Correction of Dog and Cat Microchipping Price

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Andjelko Gaspar, D.V.M., Dr. Sc.
Chamber Secretary
Planinska 2a
10000 Zagreb

December 13, 2010

Subject: Request for the correction of dog and cat microchipping price

Dear Mr. Gaspar,

We would like to turn your attention to another problem which we can solve through the cooperation with the Croatian Veterinary Chamber.

We believe that you are aware of the importance of microchipping, and the passing of the Regulations on Dog Labeling (Official Gazzette 72/10) which make it mandatory, but it is also important to encourage the compliance with the Regulations' provisions.

Here we consider the role of the Croatian Veterinary Chamber extremely important because, by actively participating, the Chamber can support and contribute to the successful completion of the mandatory dog microchipping campaign, irrelevant of the dog's age.

Reduction of microchipping price in relation to the reduction of the microchip manufacturing price which is already in place, and with regards to the new Regulations, would contribute to the better and quicker implementation of the mandatory microchipping for the citizens, that is, greater citizen response and thus greater income of the veterinary stations.

By reducing the microchipping price we would also get another chance to inform the public on their legal obligation, and the opportunity to announce the Chamber's participation and contribution in the campaign.

Reduced price of microchipping would also help organizations and shelters which care for precisely those dogs which have not been microchipped. Those organizations and shelters have to microchip all animals which enter the shelter. Considering the fact that the problem of animal abandonment in Croatia is a significant one, and that many of the organizations also have problem in getting food for the animals, reduction of the price would help significantly, primarily because of almost day-to-day need for dog microchipping.

Therefore we ask that you reduce the microchipping price as much as possible and notify us when these new prices come into effect.

Thanks in advance!


Luka Oman
President of Animal Friends

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