07/25/16 You Can Say Everything to Your Dog... Except Goodbye

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World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the Ministry of Agriculture launched a regional campaign

- Campaign with a striking slogan aims to raise public awareness about responsible care for dogs

Campaign "You can say everything to your dog... except goodbye" promotes responsible care for a dog or obligation of microchipping and vaccination. It also refers to not deserting your dog but to take a lifelong care of it. This educational campaign aimed to raise awareness of the public is intended for the general population, especially young people.

World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) created this campaign and it has carried it out in all south-east European countries. For the campaign, which lasts one year, they've printed educational flyers with useful information for anyone who already has or wants a dog. In addition to the flyers, as part of the campaign conducted by Veterinary and Food Safety Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, posters have been printed as well and designed a questionnaire for citizens who have a dog or a plan to have one.

The responsibility of the decision to house a dog and care for his needs, microchipping, neutering as a simple way to prevent uncontrolled breeding and dog population growth, vaccinations, regular veterinary care and not abandoning them are the main themes of this campaign that urges anyone who has a dog to be his hero throughout the provided care.
Promotional materials designed with the intention to help anyone who has a dog to find the answer and meet the dog needs, while respecting the needs of humans and other animals in the environment, will be distributed in schools, veterinary organizations and animal shelters.

Despite the high penalties for abandoning animals because of the irresponsibility of dog owners, number of stray dogs is constantly growing and the shelters are overcrowded. Some of the local communities have difficulties in meeting the obligations imposed by law on the development of public awareness, especially young people, regarding the protection of animals. Not to mention that any additional measures to encourage the responsible care of the dog barely exist, for example, setting up info-centers and implementation of programs castration, as well as educate themselves on the matters of animal protection. The result of such lack of understanding and ignoring of the gravity of the situation is constantly increasing the number of dogs and cats that instead of being family members end their lives on the street and in the "shelters" with 60 days deadline to be killed which is unacceptable.

Animal Friends support this campaign because it helps citizens who have a dog to understand their obligations and to provide dog care and attention during their entire life.

Campaign information, in addition to the Ministry of Agriculture website, can be found on the links of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

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