03/31/22 Anastasia: A Spokesperson for Cats

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A cat unwanted by Dubrovnik city museums tells the story of all cats in Croatia

- Although she is a tourist attraction, the Dubrovnik mascot is having the roof over her head torn down

This isn’t just a story about a cat in need of a bit of love and compassion, or just a small styrofoam box, or her right to live and survive. This isn’t just a story about a Court before which mere plebes, in this case a cat, must not be seen so as not to upset the high and mighty folk in the Court. Neither is this a story about discarding an obvious tourist attraction with immense potential to attract crowds of visitors.

This is a story about all cats in Croatia, about the oversight of the Animal Protection Act, about the non-existing feeding stations or “Trap-Neuter-Return” program, or co-financing of neutering. This is a story about a disorderly and cold society that does not realise that it can rise up only after it takes care of its weakest members.

Moreover, this is also a story about people who made the currently most famous cat in Croatia a house that will not only keep her warm, but a house that will be seen around the world. It is a story about all those who caressed and fed Anastasia, took photos with her, those who realized that Doge’s Court should be at service to all of us, even the weakest ones, and not the other way around. Dubrovnik, like our other cities and municipalities, lacks such people among the decision-makers who could do more for cats, and subsequently for the public. Cats do not ask for much, but they give a lot. They just need help with controlling their reproduction as they can’t do this on their own, and this is done through the simple neutering procedure. They also need a small box for a shelter – it can look any way we fancy because they don’t care either way.

By being patient, endearing and loving towards humans, even when they make her freeze out in the cold, Anastasia speaks for all cats in Croatia, suffering the same troubles, in desperate need of the implementation of the Animal Protection Act, a bit of food and a shelter from bad weather and the cold.

Animal Friends Croatia appeals to the public and the relevant institutions in charge to help Anastasia and all other cats in need of our assistance. The Association has produced an educational brochure and distributed it to all city mayors and commissioners, believing that there is still hope for the salvation of cats.

The Neutering - Reducing Cat and Dog Abandonment brochure provides information on provisions of the Animal Protection Act on the necessary protection of cats living on our streets.

Cat Anastazija Dubrovnik [ 185.86 Kb ]

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