07/24/20 Shocking: Every fifth dog dies in the 姆benik shelter!

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Animal Protection Network is desperate: Veterinary inspection does not like animals!

- APN is concerned and outraged: Although dog mortality is high, veterinary inspection denies irregularities

More than 50 members of the Animal Welfare Network, run by Animal Friends Croatia, are concerned about the animals in some shelters and outraged by the inaction of the veterinary inspection, even after years of successive reports. After the registration of the company, As-Eko d.o.o. in May from 姆benik, which performs the activity of a shelter for animals, the veterinary inspection found in its finding that in the period of 16 months (from 1 January 2019 to 1 May 2020) 633 dogs were admitted to that shelter, they were adopted 333, and 135 died, which is as much as 21.37%. It is shocking that in the shelter that should ensure the welfare of dogs, every fifth dog that enters it dies, but also that the veterinary inspection considers it normal!

"We reported As-Eko primarily due to a large number of contracts on the care of abandoned dogs that the company has concluded with three county centers - Split, Sibenik and Gospic, and with many cities and municipalities from as many as five counties. It is also clear to the layman that the capacity of the shelter certainly cannot withstand such a huge influx of dogs without compromising their well-being. "Apart from being astonished by the inspection's claim that it did not find any irregularities related to animal welfare, we were also astonished by the high mortality of dogs in this shelter, for which we have been receiving reports for years and that dogs come out traumatized, unsocialized and difficult to adopt." as they say from APN.

After asking for data on the number of dead dogs in some other shelters to compare the numbers, they were left in even greater shock. "While the mortality of dogs in As-Eko was 21.37%, in the same period in the Shelter for Abandoned Animals 'Friends' akovec the mortality of admitted dogs was 8.81%, in the Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Osijek 7.15%, and shelter in Virovitica 10.51%. With this information, we asked the veterinary inspection to review the supervision because it sounded incredible that the local veterinary inspection did not find any deficiencies in the care of the animals. However, the repeated inspection did not find any irregularities, although such a high mortality rate of dogs indicates a lack of care, health care, and general care for dogs, which shelters are prescribed by the Ordinance on the conditions that animal shelters must meet, "said the horrified associations.

The APN has been receiving complaints about the operation of As-Eko's abandoned or lost animal shelters for years, as well as some other shelters whose mistreatment of animals has been ignored by the veterinary inspection for years, claiming no omissions or irregularities. and sanctions, for example, the inadequate size of the house, shelters that put animal welfare first. Shelters where the veterinary inspection finds no objections violate legal regulations and seriously endanger the health of dogs, whose mortality is therefore extremely high, by concluding a large number of contracts for the care of abandoned animals, although realistically based on their capacity they cannot deliver the service. Although APN associations regularly report such shelters, veterinary inspection rarely finds irregularities in their work.

Shocked by such inspection solutions and the expressed disregard for the welfare of animals in shelters, the Animal Protection Network points to the absurd findings of the veterinary inspection, which often tolerates obvious violations to the detriment of animals. "There is still a living example of an inspection finding in the animal shelter in Beli Manastir, which established that the shelter violated many provisions of the Ordinance, that the number of dogs in the shelter exceeds the registered capacity four times and the shelter was temporarily banned. However, it is indicative that a few days before the inspection that banned the shelter from operating, the local veterinary inspection determined that the shelter had no business deficiencies. If the footage of a dog eating the corpse of another dog in the shelter had not come to light then, and if not everything had been moved from the local level to the competence of the senior veterinary inspector, we would still have received the answer that the shelter works without omissions. We can only conclude that the inspection is indifferent to the welfare of animals and that it does not like them ", warn the astonished associations of the Network.

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