08/20/09 Vegetarianism for Better Life Quality

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Animal Friends and Dharma invite you to a vegetarian tasting in Porec

On the occasion of moving to their new rooms, the association for promotion of better life quality Dharma from Porec has joined Animal Friends in inviting the citizens of Porec and tourists to their info stall, which will be located in front of the city market (at the lower entrance) on Thursday August 20, at 10:00 A.M.

At the info stall, a tasting of delicious vegan foods and canapés will take place, prepared by the cooks of Dharma's club restaurant in order to present their work and inform on the ethical, ecological, and medical advantages of vegetarian nutrition.

Along with the vegan tasting, which will include tofu – vegetal cheese, seitan – gluten meat, vegetal milks, and pies prepared without eggs, visitors will be presented with various printed and video materials on vegetarianism and the opportunity to sign the national petition for introducing vegetarian meals in public institutions.

Dharma has moved to their new address in Vranici, Groznjanska ulica 2, and invites everyone to visit the new rooms and help the association in renovating them and in developing its activities through donations and membership. Dharma offers vegetarian meals on a daily basis and will offer various new workshops starting from September. More information can be obtained at the info stall.

Animal Friends also wishes to draw public attention to the lack of adequate vegetarian offer in tourism. Even though the number of vegetarians is steadily growing, both in Croatia and globally, the tourist offer in Croatian resorts has not been adapted in the least to the ever increasing number of those tourists who remain aware of their impact on the planet and their attitude towards animals and nature even when on vacation, by retaining their ethical and humane lifestyle.

As many as 73% of Croatian citizens are of the opinion that the vegetarian offer should be improved. Animal Friends, the member organization of the European Vegetarian Union, welcomes Dharma’s contribution to the tourist and cultural development of Croatia, as well as its regular programs that take place throughout the year.

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