04/21/14 He Walks for the Animals and Veganism

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Vedran Romac on half-way of his walk from Osijek to Zagreb

- Vegan meals prepared by his hosts, touching stories and warm encounters on the road full of rain, wind and cold
- He passed more than 50 km in one day under extreme conditions, crossing Bilogora awaits him
- On Easter he arrives in Zagreb, on Easter Monday he is planning on delivering the lecture "Egg Shell"

On April 14, 2014, Vedran Romac started his journey on foot from Nemetin to Zagreb after spending some time with the pig Arcii and dogs from the shelter for abandoned animals of the Association Victories. He walked the longest leg of the journey of 50 km from Slatina to Otrovanci, and now he has to cross Bilogora to arrive to Bjelovar. So far constant rain, wind and hail made this journey difficult for him. But touching moments with people whom he met on the road and who recognized him and stopped him, offered him accommodation and food, made this journey easier and a beautiful experience after all. Vedran hopes to succeed in his plan and the people he meets during his way encourage him in that.

So far on the trip he saw that people from Slavonia can prepare excellent vegan meals too. This is why Vedran Romac invites everyone to spend Easter with tasty vegan roasts and delicacies that will saves animals' lives.

Having hope in human kind, Romac says: "Every human being has the potential to begin, cherish and develop his life and open up towards others, create a new consciousness, a new way of life that serves the world and connects it by protecting those who need protection, animals included. Every one of us can start recognizing the beauty of life, human and animal alike, and the vision that life can become if we free it from slavery."

Animals, which people decided to breed for food, live only for the purpose to be eaten and exploited due of their biological processes. They are not objects, they are living and conscious beings who want to live like persons, because this is what they are. The solution to stop this vicious circle of consuming living beings is at hand: it is in the decision of every individual. The decision to stop doing what we are used to do and switch to better habits, that is diet with no animals and animal ingredients.

"If we do not find a place in our hearts for all the living creatures and true compassion, what else can we expect but to live in eggs cartons. As much as they seem comfortable to us, as much as we try to be more comfortable in them, they still remain what they are – our impeded and overcrowded prisons on the way to an uncertain and grim epilogue of our cruel and bloody human tale," says Romac.

After walking all the 270 km and arriving to Zagreb on Easter Sunday, April 20, at 7 P.M. on Trg bana Jelacica, Vedran Romac will on Eastern Monday, April 21, at 6 P.M. give his lecture in Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, Mihanoviceva 1.

"Easter, as the biggest Christian holiday, signifies the victory of life over death. Respecting life and cherishing empathy is new consciousness. In it lies our resurrection, our return home, our salvation," Romac concludes.

Vedran Romac arrived to Otrovanci and his next villages and towns are: Velika Cresnjevica, Bulinac, Severin, Patkovac, Presa, Bjelovar, Rovisce, Markovac Krizevacki, Kustani, Sveti Ivan Zabno, Cugovec, Gradecki Pavlovec, Vrbovec, Martinska Ves, Luka, Greda, Lonjica, Brckovljani, Gornje Dvorisce, Bozjakovina, Dugo Selo, Sesvete, and Zagreb.

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