09/20/08 ZeGeVege Festival

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Animal Friends invites you to the main square of Zagreb on September 20 on ZeGeVege – the 1st Croatian Festival of Sustainable Living

- 30 exhibitors, a health-food restaurant, numerous games, whole-day entertainment and educational program with a concert by veteran vegetarian Goran Karan!

Animal Friends is organizing the 1st Croatian Festival of Sustainable Living, which will take place on September 20 on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb under the name of ZeGeVege.

The aim of ZeGeVege festival is to promote sustainable living, a lifestyle that uses natural resources to satisfy all human needs, without harming the environment, other living beings, or people. On the long run, sustainable living promotes the survival of all species of plants and animals, biodiversity, natural balance, and peaceful cohabitation of all human and non-human animals on this planet.

Today more than ever before, the trend of sustainable living is on the increase all over the world, which gives us hope that the harmonious coexistence of animals, humans, and the environment will also become our reality. With this festival, Animal Friends wishes to indicate that it can also be achieved in Croatia, which is supported by the fact that more than 150,000 vegetarians live in this country today.

The entertainment and educational program will last the whole day, from 10:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M. Vice-head of the City Department for Agriculture and Forestry, Emil Tuk, will greet the visitors, while MP and vice-president of the Committee for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection, Mirela Holy, will briefly address the public on the importance of sustainable development. Guests will include the representatives of the Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction, and the Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

Illusionist Jozo Bozo will entertain the children, who can also amuse themselves by watching a puppet show or making ecological toys. The program will continue with various dancers, artists, and singers supporting the festival’s ideas, such as Lea Dekleva, Popper rock band, Dajana Mar, guitarist Miro Ljubenkov, and others, including Suzana Horvat, a vegan, and the vegetarian veteran Goran Karan, whose concert will conclude the program.

Andrew Buttler, a former PETA activist from the UK, who has recently staged a shocking campaign against shark hunt in London, will contribute to the festival with his performance against animal testing.

Besides 30 exhibition stalls and a rich offer of vegetarian food to taste, guests will be able to purchase healthy meals at promotional prices at the vegetarian restaurant. All those who purchase a meal will enter the competition round, with a chance of winning a weekend for two at the vegetarian hotel on the island of Iz, various packages of sponsors, or even our special prize: a vegetarian lunch on a sailing boat, with a day at the beach on the island of Krk.

Festival visitors will be able to see an electricity producing windmill, an electro-bicycle, and a recycling yard, as will be given the chance to educate themselves on the importance of garbage separation. There will also be a performance on the problem of plastic bags, accentuating the need of legally prohibiting their distributions, in which Croatia should follow numerous countries and towns abroad that have already issued such regulations.

The main sponsor of ZeGeVege is the City of Zagreb, while others include Encian, Gea, Metro Express, Vecernji list, Net.hr, Zale, Vectordesign, Arto, Europlakat, Libertis, Meridijan, and Biovega. The exhibitors are: Alpro, Annapurna, Aromateka, Artas, Bernardin vrt, Bio-Q, Biomedis, Drustvo za osvoboditev zivali, Dvostruka duga, Eco inicijativa, Eco pozitiva, Eko proizvod, Ekoigracke, eco-agricultural producers Lovrec Violeta, Zlata and Marijan Radanec, and Zeljko Prvcic, Encian, Freedom for Animals from Belgrade, Gea, Glas zivotinja, Green Action, Kisko natura, Labud, Lush, OPG Vladimir Sinko, Repro eko, the Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Dumovec, Tomar, Valsoia, the Waldorf school, Weleda, and Zrno.

More information on ZeGeVege festival are available at: www.zegevege.com.

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