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1. What inspired you to bring out a line of vegan products as one of your brands?

Since the foundation of dm's business is the needs and desires of our customers, our constant focus is on promoting a healthy and active life and care for the environment. Therefore, the dm brand is based on innovative solutions and developing products that comply with sustainable development principles and contribute to customer health. At the same time, as part of the brand, dm strives to offer top quality products that are economical and affordable to its customers. We continue to invest in the development of our product line and our own brand so that the majority of our customers can buy reasonably priced products that suit their habits. That's why, with brands like dmBio and Alverde, we develop vegan food and cosmetic products.

2. How have the customers responded to the offering?

We are in constant communication with our customers, and we appreciate their feedback and advice that helps us to be even better. Our customers recognize the efforts that we invest in the development of services as part of our brand, and we are very pleased that our products are among the customers' favorites at dm. We are especially happy as customers recognized the dmBio brand we introduced in 2015. Among the dmBio products such as grains, legumes and fruit smoothies, there's also eco food for children and superfood like chia seeds and goji berry. dmBio products do not contain pesticides, dyes, artificial flavorings or preservatives, and they’re made from the finest, carefully selected ingredients from organic production. That is confirmed by the logo of the European Union and the German environmental seal of quality which covers organic manufactured products.

3. Could you recommend some of the vegan products from your dmBio line and some natural, vegan cosmetics from your Alverde line?

At dm you can buy Alverde shower gels, mascara, eyeliner, hair care and skin products which are all suitable for vegans. Among the large number of vegan dmBio products, customers can choose items like maple syrup, apple and mango juice, tomato sauce and sweet and salty spreads made from fruits and vegetables. Of course, we constantly strive to expand and develop our offerings so that customers can expect new products on dm's shelves.

4. As a company, in which ways are you promoting and contributing to sustainable living?

At dm, we view our business and sustainable development as investments in a better tomorrow. That's why the health of our customers and environmental protection are at the center of everything we do. We're pleased that our profits allow us to reinvest funds toward improving and modernizing our product range. We're promoting healthy living throughout our corporate, socially responsible projects. For example, this year's dm Women and Babybonus race at Bundek lake will be supported by more than 4,100 joggers and 900 children, as we try to encourage families to move. With projects "Protect yourself" and "Let the whole world shines in the sun this year," we informed our citizens in Dalmatia about the negative consequences of excessive sun exposure and encouraged regular dermatologist examinations. Also, due to the twentieth anniversary of dm's business in Croatia, this year we have been supported by forty projects and initiatives in the cities in which we operate, aiming to contribute to the community development.

Tanja Hrvojevic, assortment manager

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