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You've been selling eco and vegan products for more than 30 years. What led you to focus on products consumed by a smaller group of customers?

bio&bio came from the idea of personal ecology, which was being promoted in the 80s by the creator of the bio&bio stores, Zlatko Pejic. He believed that a healthy individual is a precondition for a healthy environment.

What do you consider to be the main ideas that you would like to promote with your business, and how do you create such a specific market?

Our goal is to get people interested in healthy lifestyles, organic products and business ethics throughout the complete supply chain. We also want to encourage interest in the selection of vegan food that brings pleasure and health without causing suffering.

Continuous education is what's specific about our business - for customers and the market, as well as our employees. Our employees are personally motivated by this kind of lifestyle. Many are recreational athletes, cyclists, athletes, nutritionists... and all of them are constantly educating themselves. Therefore, they each have the title of "bio&bio counselor", and you will meet some of them at our stall at the ZeGeVege festival.

As one of ZeGeVege's festival exhibitors, what will be your offer this year?

You will find some of our most popular vegan, eco-certified products, and we will present one of the first eco-cosmetic brands in the world, the Danish Urtekram. It holds several best certificates, including the "Vegan" designation.

We also invite you to the Makronova lectures to learn more about the full impact of food on the body.

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