08/30/19 With Plant Milk to Sustainable Living

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Animal Friends invite to celebration of World Plant Milk Day

World Plant Milk Day 2019 [ 252.72 Kb ]

- August 30: Plant milk tasting at Ban Jelacic Square, a week left until the start of ZeGeVege festival

All around the world, as well as in Croatia, World Plant Milk Day is celebrated on August 22. At this occasion, Animal Friends Croatia, together with ProVeg organization, invite everyone interested to join in the 7 Day Dairy-Free Challenge, a www.worldplantmilkday.com challenge backed by many useful information and recipes.

They are now inviting citizens to an interesting tasting of coffee with soy milk and other vegan drinks and desserts. On August 30, 2019, at 11 am at Zagreb's Ban Josip Jelačić Square, Animal Friends will organize a "Guess What You Drink" game along with the tasting, through which visitors will have the opportunity to learn about different flavors of plant-based drinks and guess what kind it is. Most successful tasters will receive delicious rewards. The goal of this event is to educate about the benefits of plant milk, the products and meals that can be made of them, and also provide information on the mass exploitation of animals for the purpose of obtaining animal milk and its negative effects on health and the environment.

Tasty and healthy plant-based drinks are becoming more and more popular year after year. There are many reasons for this - from caring for your own health and the health of other people to protecting animals and the environment. Choosing to use plant milk is one of the most significant steps an individual can take to reduce their negative impact on the planet. Animal meat and milk cause high consumption of drinking water and other resources, which makes them major environmental pollutants. Animal exploitation in the industry of milk production and processing is extremely cruel. In addition, humans are the only species that takes milk from other species and is the only one who drinks it in adulthood.

Fortunately, plant milk is increasingly available on the market today and is intended for everyone. These kinds of milk can be found on the shelves of almost all larger stores, and the choice of types and flavors is plentiful. In addition to milk, there are other plant-based products available on the market such as yogurt, cheese, cream, ice cream, pudding, whipped cream, etc., all of which are made from soy, rice, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, oats, purees, cashew nuts and other cereals and nuts.

The number of people turning to veganism and plant-based diet is increasing each day. Many celebrities are also calling for the cessation of the use of animals for meat and milk, trying to share their positive experiences with others. Igor Barberic, a well-known director, actor and choreographer, is a great fan of plant milk: “I decided to go vegan for the well-being and respect of animals, for a sustainable lifestyle and, ultimately, for my own health. I often use plant milk. Honestly, I used them before I went vegan.”

With this statement, Igor Barberic joined actors Marija Omaljev and Miraj Grbic in a public call to sustainable living and a visit to ZeGeVege festival, which will take place on September 6 and 7 at Ban Jelacic Square. With its wide, exclusively vegan offer, it will attract many citizens from the entire country.

Animal Friends are inviting everybody to discover the richness of plant milk flavors through www.worldplantmilkday.com, drawing attention to the interesting ZeGeVege Festival program, located at www.zegevege.com.

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